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Ok I’m trying to get this looking better and being better organized. For my player I will try to make this as work as much as possible. If it doesn’t the I will say screw it and make a facebook group and just copy the info over.

Until then, here is some character creation info. It is guided to Solars but once I know if there is a need or demand or it I will make a Lunar one. or address teaks.

If the link on Solar didn’t work there is the link. http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/shining-jewels-of-the-first-age/wikis/charater-creation-solar

In addition to character creation I have already posted up information in the Adventure log.

As characters get made I plan on posting them up on here. The worry of if I have character sheets or what stats are will be a more minor thing. I hated in the past have to drive home in haste to see if i have forgotten character sheets. Again this is a test run.

Also if this starts to work out I will have no problem taking requests on listing character/item/ and details.

Home Page

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