Charater Creation- Solar

For the purposes of this game Character choices will be limited. If I could help it I’d like for everyone to play a Solar. No other options will be available. I don’t want any sidereals (gee, I wonder why a GM wouldn’t want players being Sidereals in the first age, not that could ever happen) and being a non-celestial exalted really, really sucks.

Character Creation


The following are free point that all characters receive and don’t require any points in character creation.

1 point on one of the following [Bureaucracy/Presence/Socialize]
Lore 2
Occult 2
Linguistics 2 for Old realm and Earth tongue (the speech of the Blessed Isle)
1 point on one of the following [Ride/ Sailor/ Drive]
2 points distributed among the following and must go divided [Archery/ Firearm/ Martial Arts/ Melee/ Thrown]


In addition to what was listed, each solar receives the following for free and do not require points from character creation. These points stack as well.


2 point to be placed in the following and may be placed on the same ability [Archery/ Firearm/ Martial Arts/ Melee/ Thrown]
1 point to be placed in one of the following [Ride/ sail]
War 1


Bureaucracy 1
Performance 2
Presence 1


1 point in one of the following Crafts [Air/ Earth/ Fire/ Water/ Wood]
Lore 1
Medicine 1
Occult 1


2 point to be placed in the following and may be placed on the same ability {Investigation/ Larceny]
1 point in one of the following [Archery/ Martial Arts/ Melee/ Thrown]
Stealth 1


Integrity 1
Linguistics 1
One point in one of the following [Drive/ Ride/Sail]
1 point in one of the following [Bureaucracy/ Performance/ Presence/ Socialize]

Starting Ability Points: 25 [10 have to be in caste or favored][May raise to 5 without bonus points]

Starting Attributes 8/6/5

Starting Essence: 3 [Essence cap is 5 and there is no plan of exceeding it]

Starting Willpower: 5 [costs 1 bonus point to increase by 1]

Starting Virtue Points: 5 [none may go higher than 4 without bonus points]

Note:! Tell me your virtue flaw but don’t tell fellow players, play it out and roll if you would earn some, I have a fun idea.__

Charms: 12

Everyone gets one Ox-Body tech for free (if you don’t have the resistance for it you will get it once you get resistance)
No starting with solar circle sorcery (That includes you Megan) and no started with sidereal martial arts charms. If there is an Eclipse (which I have a great Idea for the eclipse of the circle and if it could be helped filled last) will not start with non-Solar charms.

Background points: 12

The following backgrounds are free.
Cult 1 [may be waived]
Manse 1 [My be increased with background and bonus points]

The following backgrounds are available and some have limitations.
Note that backgrounds will be under approved (Some things are not approved to story purpose and I can’t say what or why without shooting my own foot) You are all “Newly” Exalted. I know that many things were produced in bulk, but some things were personalized. I am willing to make exceptions but it will be on a case by case basis.
You might also notice that backgrounds like command, henchmen, retainers, allies, and solar bond are missing. Armies will be more like set environment and set pieces to be recognized: If they have any army and you have an army then they will clash while you face the more infamous and important people to turn the tide. Henchmen and Retainer will be present, being an exalted has its perks and you will be as waited on as to wish or see it. As for Allies and Solar Bond (I normally think it far to buy the lunar to keep it fair) these are not available. You will have friend, many with be among the mightiest of the chosen. I don’t want to have a concern of (example) Gold shadowed Arrow {Primordial war survivor/essence 10/ sidereal martial arts wielding Solar/a man who dispenses his own brand of justice/ has killed celestial exalted that might have broken the law or been akuma but we will never know} auto solving. I have ways of keeping them out but if I let you guys spend point on them, then I’d be obligated to have them involved and if I picked wrong time and nefarious clue got into their hands they’d (still looking at Gold Shadowed Arrow) be on an impossible to stop hunt. You will have some say on your bond mates but I will do a dice role of essence. I hope this sounds fair and I will be willing to try to answer any questions.

Arsenal (Cap 4)
Backing (Cap 2)
Connections (cap 2)
Familiar (not saying its useless or stupid but do not expect it to be a combat powerhouse, good for flavor, admit it: if you’re a solar and your familiar of a bear fights better then you, you are screwed)
Manse (cap 4)
Mentor (Note this is not the Sifu background)
Panoply (cap 4)
Reputation (Cap 3)
Wealth (cap 4)

As a slight note in the event that it saw somehow gone unnoticed, this is a high first age game.

Bonus points: 18

This will follow the general guidelines of scroll of Errata (general errata, page 7) and anything not listed there acts as normal.
Flaws and merits will have to be approved. Flaw credit is 10 like normal.

People with a keen eye may have noticed two new abilities listed in the beginning of the abilities. These new abilities do have their own charms and information listed in the new paragraph Shards of the Exalted Dream (the new book and pdf)

If there are any questions please ask or contact me.

Charater Creation- Solar

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