Shining Jewels of the First Age


Anyone who has played Exalted knows most of what has happened in the first age. With the right eye for detail and the right books nearly every detail and option and quickly discovered. With some attention to detail the first age game can be centered are the War with the primordials, building Creation after, The Aftershock war fighting one of the last primordials, the War with the Wyld, operation Wyld hand, the many internal exalted wars, and of course the Usurpation.

For many years, Champions of Creation discussed new charms, spells, equipment, and new tactics to keep Creation safe for many seen and unseen threats. Chosen already had combat exercises. Armies clashed, Chose battled Behemoths, Sorcerers clashed with spells coating vast amounts of the west. Famous and Politically empowered, many Bronze Tigers (Dawn caste) purposed a grander scale of tests to ensure Creation was prepared. It took many years but opinions swayed to their side. In the year 3491 The Deliberative voted and passed Operation: Wyld Hand. Higher ranking Chosen start sorting out the details and making the preparations. Chosen that still don’t agree continue to fight and argue to get the decision over turned but they face an uphill battle. When it is all said and don’t hundreds of Celestial Exalted determine it perfectly safe and would most Creation head rather than behind no material the moral conundrum.

This game will begin year 3493


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